Honey's Dance Academy


The Academy’s aim is to help promote health, fitness and dance, together with helping students build confidence, self esteem and their career prospects, whilst gaining knowledge about Indian Art, culture and Bollywood.


Launched in September 1997 by Honey Kalaria as the first British Asian Dance Academy, Honey’s Dance Academy (HDA) boasts an exciting range of courses ranging from fashionable Bollywood to upbeat Bhangra right through to traditional Classical and professional Acting classes. The academy is proud to provide opportunities to students by involving them in entertainment related projects ranging from taking part in Bollywood films and dancing in pop videos right through to participating in stage shows. HDA offers the highest level of Modern Indian Arts training to its’ students with classes run by teachers of the highest calibre. The academy allows students to take Bollywood and Bhangra dance exams and offers outstanding and long term students the opportunity to join Professional Entertainments Agencies, enabling further opportunities to be opened up for them. A team of dedicated staff members run the academy, each sharing a vision of changing people’s lives positively through Bollywood Performing Arts.