HDA offers accredited Bollywood dance courses and structured dance & performing arts lessons to help build students dance technique, style, versatility and grace. HDA takes pride in developing raw talent and being a Talent Academy that transforms students into stars! All our students will take part in a Bollywood Stage Production at the end of the year and invited to participate in great opportunities throughout their training.

Our courses are designed for individuals from all cultural backgrounds, abilities and ages (4 years to adults):-

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The Bollywood Dance and Performing arts course allows students to develop an awareness and appreciation of Indian Dance and training as in any other professional dance forms across the world. Step by step the course will develop the student’s skills and technique and over a period of time:-
·         Help students understand importance of use of indian dance terminology and its origin
·         Understand the importance of strong technique and body movements
·         Demonstrate self- confidence during performance of a routine
·         Ensure accurate footwork, spins and hand gestures
·         Awareness of creative and artistic use of movements, postures and poses
·         To make use of space whilst performing
·         Understand how to interpret music, sound and rhythm
·         To be aware of audience and have a sense of performance
·         Strong and clear lines of body movements, arms and legs
·         Demonstrate self expression, creativity and artistic ability

Students will learn various choreographed Bollywood routines each term ranging from Indian classical, traditional folk, Bhangra, Gharba to Middle Eastern, Latin American and hip hop. Dance technique will be developed through various exercises, warm ups and cool downs. All dancers will be given the opportunity to take part in a spectacular Bollywood production at end of the year.


Students have the choice to take Bollywood dance examinations (Natraj Teddy Awards, Natraj Medal Tests, and professional assessments depending on their age, ability and experience) at the end of each term for an additional fee. The aim of the exams is to provide graded assessments which measure the individual candidate’s progress and development, whether the candidate is pursuing dance as a leisure activity or as preparation for a professional career as a dance teacher or performer. After taking the exam, each student will receive a report, certificate and an award / trophy / cup. The awards are offered by The International Association of Modern Indian Arts and administered by the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA)

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HDA runs  fun and fitness classes for all ages who wish to experience Bollywood / Bhangra dance as a leisure activity.
This course combines Bollywood  fused with Bhangra, Indian classical, Latin American, Arabic, hip-hop, street, jazz and many other styles of dance, performed to the latest funky Bollywood and Bhangra tracks. This course caters for students unable to attend all three terms of the Annual Course above.


FEES : £129 for one term (12 weeks)        

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