Honey's Dance Academy
What if I want to do professional performances in shows / pop videos / TV / film?
It's possible. All you have to do is join HDA’s agency which is managed by Global Performing Arts LTD

After providing artists for high profile projects such as Mohabbatein, K3G, Bride and Prejudice, Indian Babu, Bollywood Queen amongst others, pop videos such as DJ Vix, Gareth Gates, S Club juniors, we are now inundated with offers to work on future projects, so it really is the best to join if you're interested! All you have to do is send: 

  1. Two professional photos (1 full length and 1 portrait)
  2. Your full contact details
  3. CV which includes of previous work (if any)

To: Global Performing Arts,
728-730 Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6PE

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I have got several years of experience in dance and I would really love to teach. How do I apply?
We get many requests from students and professional dancers wishing to become teachers for our academy. If you are genuinely interested in being enrolled on a professional teacher training course, then please call us on 078 5087 5087, or alternatively send in your CV and a covering letter to the address above.
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What if I want to try out another class or transfer to a different area?
It is possible to try out any class you like within the first week of any new term. Feel free to try any class you please in that first week, so before the second week we can make any necessary changes at your request and that includes a transfer to another area or another course (if places are available). It would be highly unlikely in your own interest, to make changes after the second week in a course, as sometimes teachers and choreography differ from area to area.
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Anything is possible with HDA! We understand fully that often some people like to learn a whole dance and a particular song for a special occasion. We offer Private lessons for all those individuals or groups who may have a special request, want to learn at their own convenience, or may want to learn in a specific amount of time. All you have to do is give us a call on 078 5087 5087 and let our staff know when it would be convenient for you to attend the lesson and they will take it from there! Alternatively, you can get out home learning programs here.
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I saw some of your dances at a recent event and they were fantastic! I am organising a show and would like your professional team to participate.
Thank you and it would be our pleasure! To find out more, call our staff at the office who would be delighted to help you with your queries. In fact our professional dancers and teachers take pride in participating in many shows and high profile events from workshops, fashion shows, charity events to concerts and weddings! You can also book a show with us by simply contacting us here. You can also request for Honey herself to be available, and subject to her availability, we can organise a personal appearance (either as a special guest or a performer) for the event.
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I am interested in joining your classes, but being male I would like to attend a class specifically for males.
We have had a request for a male dance class on numerous occasions, so we are happy to announce that we shall be opening a funky Bollywood-street style dance class for our male students in Kingsbury. See our class schedule for details!
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I am a complete beginner and would love to learn how to dance! I am 40 years old and I would like to know if you hold classes for newcomers like myself!
Yes, we do. We have specific courses for beginners and there are also classes in nearly all the areas which hold courses for our more mature dancers! So why not try out our classes in the first week of term. It’s an excellent way to keep fit and treat yourself to an hour a week of fun - either by yourself, with friends or your partner.
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I am a beginner, but I am really looking forward to taking part in professional shows. How long would I have to train for with the academy before I can start?
We recommend that you train with the academy for over three terms, giving yourself sufficient time to build your style and technique, as our professional dancers are of a very high standard. We look for loyalty, dedication of time and effort, a professional attitude, passion for dance and a desire to bring joy to others through art and culture. Look out for announcements in class for projects and auditions taking place and make sure you attend. If selected, you will then start being invited to take part in numerous projects.
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We welcome your feedback. Simply email us at info@honeysdanceacademy.com
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If you are not able to find the answer you were looking for, please contact our customer support team on
078 5087 5087. We would love to help you.
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