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''I am the biggest fan of Honeys Dance Academy. I never saw such kind of dancing in 24 years of my life. Simply I love Honeys Dance Adacemy.'' Zia Rehman, Ilford 

 “I have joined Honey's since July last year. I love the dance classes and the teacher. I look forward to dance classes every Tuesday. I also enjoy performing the dances I have learned in front of friends and family. I have also made new friends. My parents said that it has also taught e discipline and made me less shy. "

 "Hi I am 9 years old and have been learning to dance with Honey's at Croydon for nearly 5 years now. I feel more confident and have performed many times on stage on my own and with my friend Kayla. I would like to thank Honey and a Teacher for all the effort and encouragement throughout. I think Honey's is probably the best school in London and teaching is undoubtedly brilliant. I hope to carry on learning and may be one day become a professional dancer and be able to teach others" Megha Sohante

  “Honey's Dance Academy has really livened me up. Our teacher is amazing. The assistants are very funny and helpful. It is impossible to feel caved in with such a lively class. we hope to continue at this academy for many years. I love doing body rolls and our teacher! Teacher taught me how to do hippies and its great fun just to associate with honey's dance academy"

Shamini, Sinduja & Laksiya Rajan

 “I enjoy it a lot. It was the best thing ever! I can't remember when I had so much fun in my life. I wish I could do this forever! I learnt so much.” Simrah George, Age 8

  “I’ve learnt that dancing is not about trying to get the teacher to notice you but for fun. I love dancing and have done lots of shows. Once I came SECOND! I love dancing and eventually want to go into the higher group.” Riyana Patel, Age 10


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